We first met Noreen when our parents were admitted to the Plaza at Punchbowl in Honolulu, a senior assisted living facility. Our dad was at another care facility and resisted moving to the Plaza, but with Noreen's encouragement, he was convinced to go. Mom soon joined him at the Plaza since she could no longer reside at home due to physical limitations and other issues. There was a lot of administrative paperwork that had to be done for both of them and Noreen helped facilitate the process.

Whenever there were issues or questions, we could easily approach Noreen to help us resolve them or give us options. Noreen is compassionate and has great rapport with residents and their families. She is very supportive, knows how to handle difficult situations and issues, is very patient and possesses the qualities necessary when dealing with the elderly.
Karen Yamamoto
My wife and I were blessed to have had the opportunity and experience in working with Noreen. As care givers for my parents (both in their 90's), we were inexperienced in securing respite care while we took a much overdue trip to visit our son and his wife in the state of Washington.
Noreen patiently and professionally guided us through the process and in spite of her multitude of demands from other customers, she was responsive to our questions and addressed our needs.
Noreen is a sincere and dedicated worker who is passionate in what she does and cares personally about those she works with. Noreen went beyond our expectations by taking the time to meet with us on her personal time to accommodate our schedules.
We are grateful to have a valued and trusted resource in Noreen
Lane and Joelyn Nishioka
On behalf of my family, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Noreen Padilla, for working closely with us on my Dad's relocation from Kauai.
As you know, working with a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's is already difficult. However, relocating a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer's from the outer islands takes a miracle. My dad suffered a stroke in 2007 and has been living at the Regency at Puakea Assisted Living on Kauai since then. From our initial meeting in May 2010 till the day my dad moved in, Ms. Padilla was instrumental in placing my dad on the waiting list. She knew that we were moving him from one facility to another and tried to give me as much advance notice as she could so we could coordinate the involved logistics. Ms. Padilla worked with me on making sure that all the admission forms were properly completed with my dad's physician on Kauai and kept in touch with me during the week leading up to the face-to-face assessment.
Ms. Padilla knew that with my dad's condition, there was no way we could handle him overnight at my home. The additional stress and confusion would have been detrimental to my father's overall physical and mental well being. When we checked in later that our scheduled appointment, she went above and beyond her duties to get my dad admitted on the same day. It is because of Ms. Padilla's dedication to families in our situation that makes her a special person. I know that she advocated on behalf of our family for an exception to admit him on the same day as his face-to-face assessment and for that, we are very thankful and grateful.
In working with the staff from the previous facility, it is obvious which staff members stand head and shoulders above the rest and those who have whole heartedly dedicated themselves to serve others. I have found these qualities in Ms. Padilla. She represents your company well, as well as being the true face of your facility. If it wasn't for her selfless efforts, my brother and I would still be searching for a good facility for my dad.
Aloha Pumehana
Shari Kaauwai (James' daughter)
Greg Kimoto (James' son)
Kailua, HI
I am so very Grateful for having met Noreen Padilla.  I will remain forever Grateful to her.  I live in California.  My mother was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  At various times in her life she also lived in California, but she had spent about the last two decades of her life back in Hawaii.  I would visit her frequently.  On one such visit, I wanted to find options for senior living for my mother realizing that she won’t be able to continue to live by herself for more than a couple of years, if that.  I wanted to know what was available in Hawaii that she could afford.  And honestly, she didn’t have much.  However, when I arrived in Hawaii, I soon learned that due to a health event my mother had, I needed to find her a new home right away.  This of course, was overwhelming.  Naturally neither she nor I wanted her to just live anywhere.  It was important to both of us that she would be happy, well taken care of, not abused, neglected or taken advantage of.  I needed to find a good place for her so that I could have peace of mind that she was well.  After visiting some places which we either didn’t care for or was financially out of our reach, a cousin of mine mentioned a newly opened senior living facility that was actually very close to my mother’s apartment.  I called and spoke with Noreen making an appointment with her right away.
Noreen is just a genuinely kind, warm and caring person.  She gave me a tour of the facility and was just so compassionate and reassuring that as a resident, my mother would be very well taken care of.  After going over the costs, I felt I found my mother’s new home.  I was so relieved that I cried right then and there in her office not realizing just how stressed I was.  I very much felt that I could trust my mother in the care of Noreen’s hands and have complete peace of mind every night.  Noreen was so kind and really wanted to help us financially as well and tried the best she could.  I was so very Grateful for all her help.  Her husband E also worked at the senior living facility and the two of them together made the facility feel like a home to the senior residents not just a senior living facility away from home.  They wanted the residents to feel at home and they did.  Of course, my mother was very scared and nervous about leaving her apartment and just felt like she wanted to cry.  But upon getting to know Noreen, she too, just loved Noreen as all the residents did.  Thankfully, my mother was very happy in her new home.  The quality of her life improved!  However, my mother was so sad when Noreen had to move out of state for familial reasons.  All the residents were and sorely missed Noreen and her husband.
When time permits and Noreen is able to return to Hawaii, she likes to go back to the senior living facility and visit with the residents who miss her very much.  The place just isn't the same without her and they often tell her.  Unfortunately, my mother passed after living in her new home for just a little over a year due to an unexpected medical event.  However, Noreen and I have become friends and remain in touch with each other.
To anyone who is seeking help for an aging parent or relative, I just want to say, you are in good hands with Noreen.  She is a very loving and compassionate person who truly cares about helping the elderly.  It is her passion.  I know she will do her best to be resourceful to get your loved one’s needs met.  You have been Blessed to have crossed paths with Noreen Padilla.  Best of luck to you and your family.
Yvette Doublet-Weislak
Morgan Hill, CA